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A superior kind of drive for 20 years

Daniel O’Mahoney, managing director of Bradley O’Mahoney Public Relations asks Simon Rudd, managing director of Parkers Executive Chauffeurs, to outline how the company has maintained its reputation for top-drawer customer service for 20 years.


Tucked away in an unassuming part of Newcastle Quayside, Parkers is busy building a brand and reputation that is getting it noticed. The business, full of determination to succeed with a large dose of luxury thrown in for good measure, has weathered a recession that left little room for opulence and has emerged stronger and better.

Providing luxury travel since 1997, the company has offices in Teesside and Newcastle and is owned by father and son team Brian and Simon Rudd.

The company, which started as an executive chauffeur service providing luxury travel in state-of-the-art limousines, names the Mercedes S Class LWB and the Mercedes E Class, as two of its many superior drives. The business is expanding rapidly and, in the last year alone, invested £1.5 million on a fleet of executive coaches that provides the same one-to-one luxury experience as its chauffeur service.

Simon Rudd, said: “We have a very professional and dedicated team of chauffeurs who share one common value, delivering the very best of excellence to our customers at all times.

“When we started the executive chauffeur business all those years ago, we knew that if we put the clients’ experience at the core of what we stood for, then we would succeed. That is still behind everything we do to this day. Whether the customer requires one of our chauffeur cars or a coach, they must always feel they have experienced luxury that is second-to-none.

“A Parkers chauffeur is at the highest level of his profession. They are hand-picked and vetted before setting foot behind the wheel to determine they have the same work ethic and values as the Parkers brand. A Parkers chauffeur will have had years of training and experience and the maturity and professionalism to understand they represent our clients and must display discretion at all times. Put simply, they are not just drivers – they are ambassadors for Parkers and the clients that the company works for.

“With that in mind, it is of the utmost importance that we communicate to both existing and potential clients the measures we put in place, not just while they are with us but also the work we do before and after, to ensure their experience is the best it possibly can be. It is this that brought us to work alongside Bradley O’Mahoney Public Relations. Having an external resource that is focused solely on delivering our key messages and core values to the market place on a consistent basis, allows us to concentrate totally on what we do best – delivering an unparalleled, superior service.”

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