So, what exactly do we do?

Well, that’s simple: we do public relations, and we do it well. The definition of public relations may have changed and expanded significantly over the years but we’ve learned and changed with it, keeping up to date with the latest advances in social media and content marketing whilst staying true to our roots in more traditional client services such as media relations. We haven’t forgotten how to get your stories to the people who matter.

We think that, with our years of experience and keen eyes, we can show you the strengths of your business before presenting them to the rest of the world. We’ve been doing these things in their various different forms for over twenty years now and nothing excites us more than bringing a truly brilliant idea to life and ensuring that everybody knows the name of your company.

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As a leading communications consultancy Bradley O’Mahoney has gained an award winning reputation for delivering professional, creative solutions locally and globally. We are an accomplished team which consistently achieves great results for our clients.