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Are you leaders in your field? New to the market? Champions in your community?

Whatever your story, Bradley O’Mahoney Public Relations will help you create it and tell it.

We’ll find and focus on your unique selling point. We’ll tailor your story to those you want to hear it most. Whether it’s to be told to a carefully targeted audience or to be shouted from the rooftops, we’ll use the most effective combination of communication tools such as branding, traditional press releases, blogging, social media and video, to get your message out there.

Whatever your aims, we’ll use our experience and connections to support you in building your brand and engaging with your customers, colleagues and communities.

"In 2015 we won the British Chamber of Commerce national Company of the Year Award. Bradley O’Mahoney PR’s communications skills played an important role in this achievement. The company continues to assist us as we move forward with our exciting growth plans"
John Sayers, managing director, Hodgson Sayers

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Client Profile

Park Electrical Distributors

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