Are you ready for the post COVID-19 stampede?

If there is one piece of advice I would wish to offer at this time, it is that the leaders of tomorrow are preparing today. Business will be unequivocally different and when the post COVID-19 doors open there will be a stampede. The competition for cash flow will be fiercer than ever.

Perfection is the enemy of the good and those who look to research and implement detailed plans and road maps will be left behind. Speed of thought and action will be key.

We are facing some absolutely key questions. Are the leaders of yesterday fit and agile enough to lead in the new world? How do they bring their staff with them? Many workers will simply not want to slot back in to their old way of working.

Leaders need to be ready to act before the doors open and we will be there to guide and support them.

In terms of the lockdown period, we remain very busy and we are all at work. We have been fortunate at Bradley O’Mahoney Public Relation that the pace hasn’t slowed and some of our clients have also found their services in high demand. The common denominator though is that they have all had to adapt and change rapidly to respond to this ‘new’ world, including roofing and building maintenance contractors, Hodgson Sayers and UTS Engineering, both of whom continue to provide vital services for the national infrastructure. UTS is also helping out in the fight against COVID-19 having recently designed and donated rigs to near neighbour, Barbour, as it ramps up production of PPE disposable gowns for local NHS Trusts. Meanwhile, IT specialist, Activ Technology, has seen unprecedented levels of activity as its growing client base seeks advice and support, especially those who have migrated to home working.

Another client that is just as busy is GT3 Architects, which champions ‘People Architecture’. It positions people at the heart of its work and not buildings, creating agile working spaces that allow those within it to be as efficient and effective as possible while also stimulating a healthy team culture.

Looking to the future, it is clear that the digital toolbox will be more relevant than ever. Many companies scrambled to join zoom and we will surely see the widespread advent of agile working, as it has become clear that far more individuals can work from home than we may have anticipated and many will be eyeing a flexible way of work when lockdown ends. This could result in businesses downsizing to smaller offices and implementing hot desks. Meetings can be hosted online, reducing travel time, meaning the working day is more efficient and the dramatic changes we have seen to the environment in only a matter of weeks, will also surely have us questioning whether we need to be in the office every day or travelling to meetings.

However, we must not underestimate the value of face-to-face interaction for building relationships and expanding networks. When the pandemic is over, we will all meet again and it will be the dawn of a new business era. Until then, stay safe and stay connected.