Are you still in the mindset of doing what ‘mum and dad’ authority tells you?

I’m an outside of the box thinker and I certainly don’t view things in black or white, nor do I accept anything at surface level value. I find myself increasingly questioning societal beliefs and systematic structure, particularly surrounding authority and health, including business health.

I fear that too often we live without questioning the source of where our information comes from. We are told from being children to be quiet and do as we are told. How often do we tell our own children they must do what grown-ups say and tell them off when they do not? We are conditioning them to obey authority and not challenge those in charge.

This stays with us as we grow up, enter school and the workplace. We tip toe around our employers, often afraid to voice our opinion for fear of being chastised.

We are conditioned to play it safe, not take risks and follow guidance from authority figures.

But what happens when those authority figures let us down? We have seen mass protests against the police in recent months and the world is becoming more aware of the injustices caused by abuses of power when it comes to human rights and the environment.

Sometimes, the very people who say they are there to protect are not who we think they are or they are not doing enough.

Sickness is a big industry. Pharmaceutical companies rely on people being ill to sell products, alcohol and cigarettes, two substances directly related to illness and premature deaths, are legal because they provide big revenue for government and air pollution from cars and industry for the tenth-year running is well above the legal level in the UK and not enough is being done to change this.

Yet, the majority of us don’t give any of this a second thought, let alone challenge it. As a society, we have become too comfortable and reliant on the pharmaceutical industry to ‘fix’ us when we become ill. What we need to realise is that we have the answers to a lot of our problems within. Whether this be taking proactive measures to enhance our immune systems before we fall sick or looking to nature to help us find health and recovery from illness.

Businesses need to start thinking in the same way. They have the power to make themselves stronger, healthier and less susceptible to weak supply chains that are affected by volatile markets, by strengthening themselves and at the same time benefiting the environment and creating social impact. The need to do this will become ever apparent as the impact of climate change on global supply chains increases year on year. Only those who are independent thinkers will have the foresight and fortitude to make the changes required to ensure future health of their business, thinking outside the confines of herd mentality and not waiting for others to act first.

Now is the time for business leaders to be the authority figures we deserve. For the sake of all in society and the business leaders of tomorrow, we need real leaders of today to drive change towards a sustainable future. The benefits will be there for those who take control of their business health sooner rather than later.