Communicating in a crisis

It’s time for the PR industry to step up to the mark!

Nearly all organisations are facing unprecedented challenges and there is uncertainty everywhere.

Often regarded as part of the marketing function, the true purpose of public relations is to manage and protect reputation. This is the opportunity to demonstrate that our skill sets are critical to companies who are currently having to take drastic measures to overcome the unprecedented challenges they face.

We need to be a key ingredient of their business continuity strategies and to develop bespoke communications plans that instil confidence amongst all key stakeholder groups – staff, customers, suppliers. If ever there was a time that companies should dramatically increase their communications this is it.

During this period it is vitally important to communicate, communicate and communicate. Even if you have nothing new to say, say it again. Stop communicating and the void will be filled with negative input – that’s just how it goes during times of exceptional disruption and change.

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