Inspiring insights and storytelling at launch of Winning Brands

By Daniel O’Mahoney, managing director, Bradley O’Mahoney Public Relations

Over 60 companies were represented at the first Bradley O’Mahoney Winning Brands lecture.

We were delighted to be able to deliver this event, in conjunction with North East Times magazine and were extremely encouraged to see how many companies were passionate about their brands.

In a crowded and competitive market place, those companies that embrace strong values and then bring them to life through their daily actions, have a real opportunity to distance themselves from those that do not give sufficient thought to this area.

Companies that place integrity and transparency at the heart of all their business transactions have positive and enthusiastic staff, attract high quality recruits, develop exciting partnerships and both retain and win customers.

Customers can go to a range of different suppliers for products and services, but what will keep them coming back to your business is very simple – how you made them feel!

It was for this reason that the first Winning Brands lecture focused on ‘Living Your Brand Values’. And what an event it was with speakers Neil Stephenson Maurice Duffy and myself.

Taking the stage to introduce the event, John Dunns, co-owner of North East Times, decribed how the magazine encouraged local businesses to focus on expanding their reach by building powerful brands. He said here is a direct link between brand and profit. However, the link is only effective if a company invests in a well-researched and fully integrated long term plan.

I gave an insight into how differentiation through developing a clear brand story based around company values will help companies to stand out in the crowd. An example of this being our client Hodgson Sayers whose total commitment to its core values ‘Honesty, Decency and Integrity’ has been a driving factor in the growth of the company.

In 2016 Neil Stephenson sold his company Onyx Group for over £60 million. Through a series of Q&As with John Dunns, Neil said that at a time when his competitors weren’t paying attention to their brand, he was fully focused on developing a business that was truly customer focussed and demonstrated high integrity and trust.

Maurice Duffy, chairman of Black Swan explained how his company was using social media to identify what customers and third parties are saying about a brand. It is possible to measure – in real time – the reputation, say, of a politician at election time, by the conversations the electorate are having about that person on social media. The analysis would reveal which of the topics the politician was discussing were favourably received and which attracted widespread critical comment. They could then tailor their campaign accordingly.

Comments from delegates were so encouraging that we are set to announce further lectures aimed at highlighting the many inspiring Winning Brands that operate in the North East.