Lights, camera, action!

A thought to ponder: ‘The art of PR may historically have concentrated on the written word but does the future lie within film?’

Video, in recent years, has become more and more important, providing a fantastic way to communicate quickly and effectively.

With the emergence of social media, videos have come into their own as a rich source for storytelling. Visual content attracts more attention, increases the number of visits to your website, has a higher social media share and remains in the memory.

Consumers, businesses and individuals can be inspired to take action based on emotional connections that can be simply communicated by video. For businesses, corporate videos can act as brochures that sit within websites, detailing new products, services or a recruitment drive that can then be shared online. Client testimonials documented via online videos can be critical to generating new business.

Video is a great platform to simplify discussion on a point that might otherwise be difficult to communicate on paper. For example, it can act as the perfect way for a CEO to update staff using a personal approach. Why not create your own regular video? Invest in some initial interview training and the most appropriate equipment and you could have an excellent, low cost communication platform for, say, staff communication, in next to no time.

One company that has used this medium to great effect is our client, award winning Hodgson Sayers. Please follow this link to a video they use to showcase their award-winning apprenticeship scheme:

A study provided by Implix showed that including video in emails increased open rates by 5.6%

and click-through-rates by 96.38% when compared to emails that did not contain videos. It shows that adding the personal touch really does allow people to form a connection. It enables an audience to connect to the people behind the business.

So, videos have become a fast, easy and informative way for a company to portray its news internally and to a wider external environment. Why not try it for your business?