Is it your time to shine?

So, you’re a successful, thriving business but the outside world doesn’t seem to know much about you – maybe you struggle to sell yourself well. We can help you to find your unique selling point and your voice. We’ll get under the skin of your business to understand your values and identify the benefits your products or services bring. Then, we’ll help you tell your story to ensure you enjoy your share of the limelight!

Are you trying to break into a new market or target a specific client?

We will explore the best ways to get you and your brand noticed. We’ll tailor a plan, integrating the most effective methods and best channels to communicate your message and position your business to stand out from the competition.

Do you have some great news to share?

You might have a cutting-edge product or innovation you want to brag about. Perhaps you’ve welcomed new people to your team and want to spread the word. We will use our storytelling capabilities and media connections to get your news out there, in a targeted and timely manner.

"We operate in the fast-paced IT sector and we need a PR partner that can keep up with us. Bradley O’Mahoney PR not only keeps up but it challenges and stretches us."
Ian Gillespie, managing director, Activ Technology

Maybe it's not-so-good news...

If so, we’ll react quickly to help you manage the issue and avert a crisis. Using our skills, experience and diplomacy, we’ll protect your brand and reputation.

Is there a twist in your tale?

Have you got a unique story or special PR challenge that you’d like some help with? We’ll happily tailor our service to your requirements.

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